On December 4, 2021, KYCC’s BRIDGE students participated in a screen-printing workshop with multimedia artist Joan Zamora, led by Self Help Graphics & Art. The workshop taught participants how to create a stencil, transfer their designs onto a screen, and print them onto tote bags. The workshop explored the theme of “Koreatown and Home.”
One design was a line drawing, another was a Tijuana newspaper, and another was an illustration of a student’s bus stop. “The youth did an amazing job. They worked so hard on their illustrations. There were so many designs that came out so beautiful and I could tell this workshop meant a lot to them,” says Jacqueline Aguirre, College and Career Coach in Youth Services.

KYCC’s BRIDGE volunteer program, located at our Wilton site, recruits and trains high school volunteers in grades 9-12, to become mentors and tutors for our elementary and middle school students. The high school volunteers work to be the “bridge” for our younger students. This volunteer program is intended to empower young leaders to develop life skills and offers positive learning experiences like this screen-printing workshop.
The BRIDGE students hope to use their new stencil designs to make new merchandise for a fundraiser benefiting their volunteer program.
Our biggest thanks to Self Help Graphics & Art, a community arts center in East Los Angeles, for leading this workshop. Self Help Graphics & Art is dedicated to the creation and advancement of new art works by Chicana/o and Latinx artists, through experimental and innovative printmaking techniques and other visual art forms. Thank you Self Help, for supporting the expression and creativity of our young artists!