By Daniel Choi

BRIDGE Historian

On Oct. 17, KYCC’s high-school volunteer program BRIDGE partnered with Ubatuba Açaí in Koreatown to raise funds for its youth group, collecting $41 from a fundraiser that took place in one of their stores.

BRIDGE is a program for high-school students looking to work with elementary and middle school students. Volunteers with BRIDGE generously spend four hours every week to provide tutoring services, homework assistance, and extracurricular activities.

BRIDGE relies on fundraisers and donations to gain funds. Their money is used to organize social gatherings, volunteer training, and recruitment efforts. BRIDGE is highly appreciative of their supporters, including the many people who attended the fundraiser.

On the day of the fundraiser, volunteers who finished their shifts walked to the Ubatuba Açaí store as a group, along with several KYCC staff and volunteers from other youth organizations. Fifteen percent of the proceeds earned by Ubatuba Açaí was donated to BRIDGE.

“I loved the fundraiser,” Kevin Park, the Treasurer of BRIDGE, commented, “It was a great opportunity for the volunteers to gather, eat, and have a good time.”