Prevention Education staff visited the St. Barnabas Senior Center on March 6, 2020 to interact and engage with older adults in the community and provide an educational workshop on how to properly dispose of prescription medication. 

KYCC has made a concerted effort to implement more multigenerational programming that supports the aging population in Koreatown. Some of the benefits of intergenerational programming mean seniors are less socially isolated, there is more appreciation for and tolerance of different cultures and traditions, and human resources are multiplied by engaging older adults and youth as volunteers in different capacities. 

Prevention Education staff facilitated a fun game of Bingo and reviewed the safe usage, disposal and storage of prescription medication. To create a fun but informative activity for the seniors, bilingual Prevention education staff conducted the workshops in 3 languages: Korean, English and Spanish. 

Prevention Education’s education and advocacy work with seniors and youth, local politicians, community groups and schools, actively builds safer and healthier communities in the greater Los Angeles area. Prevention Education is funded by Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (SAPC), a division of County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health.