During the March Late Night Study Night (LNSN) sessions at KYCC’s Wilton Center, three staff members from Bank of America—Daniel Kim, Arnold Lebrilla and Michelle Choi—gave an introductory talk on financial literacy. Their comprehensive presentation covered various types of savings and checking accounts, as well as interest and credit scores.

Kim, who currently serves as an Assistant Vice President Small Business Banker at Bank of America, previously hosted a series of financial literacy workshops with KYCC’s Menlo Family Apartments families. As a former KYCC youth himself, he hopes to stay connected to the agency and give back to the community that fostered his personal growth.

Of the 15 high school-aged participants, only one already had her own bank account. The youth in attendance all exhibited great interest in the process of opening a bank account and building credit and were grateful for the opportunity to learn relevant life skills.

“The fact that they explained to me how exactly to open a bank account was really helpful,” Kevin said. “I feel like I can walk into a bank and actually know what to do.”

KYCC Youth Curriculum Supervisor Heather Jun opined the unfortunate absence of critical financial education in local schools.

“Managing a bank account is basic knowledge that all youth should know, but very few actually get exposed to this in school,” Jun said.

Recognizing that many parents work late hours and that kids need a fun, supervised space to study and relax, the LNSN program meets from 6-9 p.m. on Tuesday nights at KYCC’s Wilton Center to provide free food, enrichment, academic tutoring and college preparation to middle and high school students.