On March 14, 2022, KYCC held a public event in Koreatown for families to receive free baby essentials. Thanks to our generous partners at Baby2Baby, KYCC was able to share essential baby resources such as diapers and clothes, to over 60 Koreatown community members.

Baby2Baby distributes basic essentials through a network of other non-profits and social services agencies. Baby2Baby has distributed over 100 million basic essentials such as baby formula, diapers, wipes, soaps, cribs, backpacks and more to children all across the country. 


Since January 2018, Baby2Baby has partnered with KYCC to provide basic necessities for Koreatown children and families in need.

“I received important information on prevention programs for both youth and adults. My niece has also been recently detained due to her immigration status, and since then, we have been appointed as her child’s legal guardians. The diapers and baby clothing we were able to get from the event have been very helpful during this hard time,” says Petronila Paxtor, a KYCC client.