On December 5, 2019, KYCC’s Prevention Education youth participants from the AYCE (Advancing Youth Through Community Engagement) program and YDAPP (Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Program) held a Holiday Social at the Menlo Family Center. AYCE and YDAPP volunteers, and Prevention Education staff enjoyed games, gift exchanges and delicious pupusas to celebrate the holiday season.


AYCE volunteers tutor and mentor middle school-aged students in the AYCE after-school program and participate in field trips and volunteer outings. Through the weekly program, AYCE students are able to discuss real-life issues such as drug and alcohol use, relationships and family issues, and gain insight and resources for college and future career goals.


AYCE and YDAPP programs host collaborative quarterly social outings to develop cohesiveness among group members. Through field trips, games, movie nights and other activities, program participants get to know each other, collaborate, and enjoy spending time with peers and staff in a healthy, drug-free environment.

Through the Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Program, youth members are taught age-appropriate education on drugs and alcohol knowledge and beliefs. YDAPP volunteers are high school students who advocate for and raise awareness about substance use among their Koreatown peers and participate in drug-free events such as community clean-ups, health fairs and education outreach throughout the year. 

Prevention Education trains youth to become health advocates, helps parents establish a safe and drug-free neighborhood, and supports leaders and politicians in policy enforcement. To learn more about how your youth can get involved in KYCC’s Prevention Education services, please email Hanna Yi, at hyi@kyccla.org.