The Coalition for Prevention and Awareness in LA Metro (CoPALM) collaborated with eight restaurants to launch the Table Top Campaign for the St. Patrick’s Day. CoPALM’s Table Top Campaign disseminated approximately 600 coasters with anti-drunk driving messaging, in English and Spanish, to remind customers to drink responsibly and practice safe driving habits during the holiday.


The Table Top Campaign (TTC), which first launched in the Spring of 2019, aims to raise awareness about the consequences of drunk driving and focuses its outreach efforts in areas with a large alcohol outlet concentration. Campaigns often focus on the negative consequences of alcohol-impaired driving, including legal consequences and injury to self, others, or property. Driving with any amount of alcohol in our bloodstream impairs an individuals decision-making, and increases their potential danger to put passengers, motorists, pedestrians and themselves in danger. 

CoPALM has partnered with 38 businesses throughout the Service Planning Area 4 (SPA-4) of the Metropolitan Los Angeles Regional Health Office, which serves the communities of Boyle Heights, Central City, Downtown LA, Echo Park, El Sereno, Hollywood, Mid-City Wilshire, Monterey Hills, Mount Washington, Silverlake, West Hollywood, and Westlake.

In total, CoPALM has disseminated approximately 4,600 materials against alcohol-impaired driving and is funded by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention & Control (SAPC).