A one-year-old KYCC program that is trying to stem the tide of liquor sales to underage drinkers is off to a strong start, said Sam H. Joo, the center’s Director of Children and Family Services.

“To the credit of local businesses, many liquor stores, convenience stores and markets have been quite receptive to our Card Under 35 Pledge Campaign,” Joo said. The program trains liquor-store workers in the Koreatown, Westlake and Pico-Union areas of Los Angeles to make sure that customers are at least 21.

So far, 55 merchants have signed onto the campaign and are at some stage of
the training process, which includes asking merchants to post “No Loitering” signs in
their window, and ensure that liquor ads take up no more than 30 percent of their window space.

“Partying” by teenagers may seem light-hearted and “expected,” but it can lead to life-threatening consequences such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction and traffic injuries. On college campuses, partying can lead to hazing and binge drinking.

KYCC’s Youth Services unit, which runs the Card Under 35 program, helps youth in more ways than just through constraining actions. Youth Services provides programs that give youth more opportunities in many areas, including recreation, social life and life skills.

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