KYCC Prevention Education Community Organizer Vince Leus published an op-ed on AAPI deaths at electronic dance music festivals in The Huffington Post on Aug. 15. Leus’ article talks about the disproportionate number of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who are dying at EDM festivals promoted by Southern California-based companies.

Leus wrote the op-ed based on his own rave experiences and his subsequent work in substance use prevention at KYCC. His study shows that among 46% of deaths reported at EDM festivals, nearly half were AAPI youth.

“When we can better understand the culturally specific risk factors- racism, acculturation stress, language barriers, gender and generation roles, poverty, to name a few – that lead our youth to substance use, we can then begin to strategize more thoughtful approaches in drug prevention for Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals, families and communities,” Leus said in the article.