Congratulations to Ernie Yoshikawa, KYCC Senior Manager of Children and Family Services, who completed the Magnolia Community Initiative Fellowship, an eight-month learning and networking collaborative in February.

The Magnolia Community Initiative is a partnership of more than 70 county, city and community agencies that aims to create a safe and supportive environment for 35,000 children who live in Magnolia Place’s 500-block radius in Los Angeles.

Through this experience, Yoshikawa was able to engage in cross-sector learning experiences with leaders from other community agencies to enhance the outcomes for the children and families in this area.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the MCI Fellowship, because it pushed me to dedicate time to reflect upon what I do, how I do it, and why I do it,” Yoshikawa said. “It’s rare to take pause and focus on developing ourselves to better serve our families in the long run.”

Yoshikawa is the second KYCC manager to complete the MCI Fellowship. Assistant Director of Children and Family Services Nayon Kang graduated from the 2015 program.