Parent Testimonials

“My daughter attended KYCC and loved it!  Their clean facility as well as their excellent patience, understanding and caring abilities made leaving my daughter there every morning so easy! My daughter learned so much while attending this school…she even learned a few words in Korean!  I know that many other children who come to KYCC will have the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the wonderful staff, just as my daughter did!”

“Both of my girls love going to Kids Town, they have positive trusting relationships with the teachers and teacher’s assistants. Everyone at the school has a genuine love for the kids and they are constantly improving their program. They offer parent involvement and education courses in the evenings and holiday events throughout the year. We live in the neighborhood and work downtown so the location is perfect for us.”

“We stumbled upon this hidden gem after an exhausting preschool search. The teachers at KYCC were so patient with our two-and-a-half-year-old daughter and believed not to pressure her until she was comfortable and ready. God bless them!”

“Kids Town’s teaching philosophy encourages students to find their own conclusion, which is influenced by the students’ background, environment, culture and experiences. They do this by discovery learning, hands-on, experiential, collaborative project-based and tasked-based projects. Instead of being told the answer by a teacher such as lecture based model, teachers act more as facilitators by opening the dialogue and having students draw their own conclusions. This enables problem solving, analytical and conceptual thinking.”

“Kids Town has three classrooms with 24 students in each and 3-4 teachers in each class which is an AMAZING student teacher ratio. They also provide 2 snacks and hot lunch, which are included in the price of tuition. At times some of the teachers would cook something homemade in the kitchen for the kids, which is just an added bonus. The facilities are nice and clean, they have a shaded playground, sand play area and gardening area. They have a couple of school-wide performances each year which is an added treat for the parents.”

“All the teachers are so patient, kind and consoling. If there was a child sad or crying they would hold and hug them until they were either calm or cheered up.”

“Kids Town is not just for Korean kids, it’s open to EVERYONE. The Koreans have been keeping this hidden gem to themselves but not anymore!” “All of the teachers there helped mold our daughter and made a such a positive impact on her. We are so thankful and grateful to the staff at KYCC, they are all truly amazing and wonderful.”

“The quality of education and caliber of teachers are excellent. Most importantly, what distinguishes Kids Town from other preschools is the convenience factor. The school is virtually open year-round and long hours to accommodate working parents. They provide breakfast AND lunch for the kids, which is great when one is short on time. The tuition can’t be beat. Most of the schools we looked at were at least $1000 a month with no lunch provided and short hours. The facility is bright, clean, and safe.”

“We are not Korean and have not found this to be an issue. At least 1/4 of the school is non-Korean. You have families from all stations of life and yet the kids blend and play seamlessly. Both of my kids love Kids Town and to me that speaks volume about the environment and staff!”