“People inside this shared plaza say they have seen ‘young-looking people’ leaving the store with alcohol. I have a verbal agreement with my employee not to sell alcohol to minors, but I don’t think it’s enough. I’m thinking of ways to better enforce the existing laws so that our store doesn’t get in trouble with ABC (California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control). My mom and I run the store together and we would hate to have any violations, especially due to sales to minors. We want to contribute to making this area safer for youth and I feel that I don’t have the resources or educational materials to be able to educate my employee. How are other stores dealing with similar issues? I would like to learn from best practices and be able to update my store with the latest safety regulations to follow the law. I want my area to be known as a clean, safe space. I have mostly regular customers but we do have new people at night when the employee works at the store alone. My store would benefit from more information regarding safe store practices. I appreciate your signs and help. I hope to learn more from your campaign. Thank you.” – Liquor store owner, Koreatown