Special thanks to The Sam Simon Foundation Feeding Families!

This month (on April 10 and April 23, 2020), the Koreatown Youth and Community Center and The Karsh Family Social Service Center delivered a total of 200 bags of groceries and essentials donated by The Sam Simon Foundation Feeding Families to low-income seniors and residents in Koreatown.

Many of the elders have been isolated under Los Angeles’s “Safer-at-Home” orders and have expressed difficulty accessing food, despite local grocery stores establishing early morning “seniors only” hours.

The Sam Simon Foundation Feeding Families provided hundreds of bags of fresh produce and nutritious vegan items. Created in 2011, the foundation’s mission is to help end hunger and food insecurity in our community.  

“KYCC has received literally hundreds of requests for food and essentials from Koreatown residents,” says Julio Barahona, KYCC Community Economic Development Service Coordinator, who is coordinating the food delivery program. “It’s truly heartbreaking to hear that there are seniors out there without food and basic necessities.

KYCC and The Karsh Center are longtime partners in delivering groceries to limited-income Koreatown families. Since 2017, the two agencies have delivered non-perishable foods, dry goods and produce from The Karsh Center’s food pantry once a week to 60 families. Under the Covid-19 food delivery program, the partnership has been able to distribute to 100 families weekly.

“We wouldn’t have been able to feed so many additional families and elders without the strong relationship between KYCC and The Karsh Center,” says Barahona. “The bags donated by The Sam Simon Foundation Feeding Families were filled to the brim with the best quality items. KYCC is incredibly grateful for their generous support.”

With the support of the community fundraiser “#KYCC❤️KTOWN,” KYCC will be able to purchase more essentials, as well as hot meals from local Koreatown restaurants impacted by the quarantine mandates.