Anna Zhang says KYCC is like a tree that has always protected her. As an only child, she says she depends on KYCC, and that it is like a family to her. She first started coming to KYCC when she was in the sixth grade, as a participant in the Crossroads Middle School Program (MSP). After many years with KYCC, she is now a high school senior and the current president of the Leaders in Enrichment & Academic Development (LEAD) program.

Through LEAD, Anna tutors and mentors middle school youth—much like she herself was once encouraged. She challenges her students to succeed academically and emphasizes that LEADers should positively represent the program and be open, friendly and inviting of all other youth groups at KYCC.

“LEAD gave me a chance to build my leadership skills, teaching me to volunteer not just for the hours, but to be really passionate about helping others. My philosophy is to work hard because I’ve received so much from KYCC. I consider it my duty to give back.”