Anabel Torres started working in KYCC’s academic programs in 2000 as an AmeriCorps volunteer. Over 12 years later, she is still a vital part of our organization, as a Family Advocate and Teacher at Kids Town.

But her long history with Kids Town isn’t unusual among her colleagues. In fact, out of the 11 preschool teachers, the average length of time with the school is seven years. This exemplary teacher retention rate is a point of pride for Kids Town, which opened in 2004, as it indicates happy teachers, warm classrooms and dedication to a strong program.

“We create an environment that is warm and consistent,” Anabel explains. “Parents don’t want to see their child have to adjust to new teachers and start over again with trust and bonding. They know at Kids Town, that the teachers have been here for a long time and that we have more knowledge about the school and our programs.”

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