South Korean actor Ha Jung-woo’s artwork will show in Los Angeles for a special solo exhibition for the first time at PYO Gallery in February.

“Pause,” which includes recent paintings completed by the actor while working on a film in Hawaii, will open Feb. 28 through April 18.

“Ha’s paintings are direct, flamboyant, and inspired by the confrontational street art of the 1980s,” the gallery said in its announcement of the exhibit. “Similar to graffiti artists of the period, painting is a means of survival for Ha. As he says, painting allows him to unravel and express his inner core.”

Artwork by the actor, director and producer have appeared on gallery walls in Seoul, Hong Kong and New York.

Ha is one of South Korea’s biggest movie stars whose film credits include box office hits like “The Chaser,” “Take Off,” “The Yellow Sea,” “The Berlin File” and “The Terror Live.”

The actor will be present at the opening reception on Feb. 28.

PYO Gallery is located at 1100 S. Hope Street Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90015.


(This article reprinted with permission from The Korea Times, English Edition)