Belly & Snout, a Filipino eatery that started out as a food truck, will open its first brick-and-mortar on Friday, September 5, with a soft opening a few days in advance.

The restaurant, located at 974 S. Western Ave., will be serving good ol’ mainstays of American cuisine such as hot dogs, grilled cheese, and fries but with a Filipino twist – prepare your bellies and snouts for such delights as the oxtail hot dog, chicken adobo grilled cheese, pork blood fries, and the popcorn chicken gizzards.

Patrons can order food at the counter in the front, and then take it to a separate room in the back that seats about 30. There is a small parking lot behind the building with seven spots, as well as street parking along Western Avenue and Monette Place.

Warren Almeda, the owner who is from Long Beach, says he hopes to eventually merge the front and back spaces, and add a few arcade machines to the back room. He also hopes to start serving beer and wine next year.

Hot dogs, beer, and Street Fighter? Sign our bellies, snouts, and fingers up!