Korean American Family Services (KFAM) and the Center for the Pacific Asian Family hosted the official inauguration of the National Korean American Coalition to End Domestic Violence on Oct. 20. The host organizations are two of seven regional centers that have joined the coalition since its founding in 2014.

According to a May 2015 California State University, Los Angeles study, immigrant Korean families experience the highest rate of domestic violence among Asian American groups in Los Angeles, and are most unlikely to report domestic violence.

For many Asian American domestic violence victims, navigating mainstream social services can sometimes be a challenge, as there are language barriers and a certain level of stigma that often prevent victims from coming forward, KFAM Executive Director Connie Chung-Joe explained.

“A lot are undocumented, and they don’t know they are protected under the law. If they come forward, they could get deported or get separated from children,” Chung-Joe told NBC News. “All of these issues–they are always hard for any survivor, but particularly for immigrant women who tend to be isolated.”