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Peer Recognition

April 1, 2016


Hi, KYCC Staff!

First All Staff of the year is coming and it’s your chance to recognize an amazing peer!

Why not start off our 2016 cycle of staff events with a bang? If you’ve never nominated before, this is your chance to start! I’m so glad to have this opportunity to show our appreciate for our coworkers, as I’m constantly impressed in new ways by those who work alongside me. 

Let’s recognize our awesome peers!


This is your chance to let someone know that they have somehow encouraged or inspired you at work!

Via this link (which is also available on the Intranet, on the FRONT PAGE), let us know who you want to nominate and why. We’ll compile the nominations and the management team will pick four of them to be awarded the recognition, so make them count! We ask that you try your best to nominate someone outside of your own unit. You can nominate someone for something that happened within the last quarter, or for something for which you feel they should be recognized. Anyone can nominate anyone, but Managers won’t be able to nominate their own staff.

Maybe you’re not into computers, and would prefer to put pen to paper. THAT’S FINE, TOO! Just give me the same information on a piece of paper and let me know that it’s ready. I’ll come and pick it up! Easy peasy. Here’s the info I need:
– Your name and unit
– Your nominee’s name and unit
– How has this staff member positively influenced your work at KYCC?

Nominations are not anonymous, and if your nominee is chosen to receive the award, we’ll ask you to present it to them at the Holiday Party. If your nominee isn’t chosen, we’ll still let them know at the Holiday Party that you nominated them!

Nominations for this quarter are due FRIDAY, April 1, 2016 – NO JOKE!

I can’t wait to receive your nominations! It’s really the highlight of my day. 

Thank you!




April 1, 2016



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