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Through a partnership with the Mayor’s Million Tree Initiative and the Los Angeles Conservation Corp, the Koreatown Youth and Community Center will distribute up to seven free trees for the yards of each City of Los Angeles resident.

Trees can keep you cool, clean the air, and filter ground water.  Well placed trees can lower your energy bills and help reduce power plant emissions.  Trees can also beautify your yard, increase property values, and make our community a healthier place to live.

Residential Tree Planting Guidelines
Your 5 gallon tree* is small now but may grow very tall, depending on the tree you selected. Your tree will need lots of water and growing space to ensure a healthy and proper planting, so please follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Call Underground Service Alert (1-800-227-2600) two days before planting to have underground utility lines located on your property. This service is free and can avoid accidents or damage to underground lines.
  • Plant 5 feet minimum distance from hardscapes (examples: sidewalks, patios, driveways, pools, walkways).
  • Plant 5 feet minimum distance from underground infrastructure (examples: gas and water utilities lines).
  • Plant 10 feet minimum distance from foundations/walls if planting small or medium tree.
  • Large or Medium trees cannot be planted under overhead utility lines.

*These trees are to be planted on private property; they cannot be planted as street trees in parkways. For free street tree/parkway planting in your neighborhood, please fill out and return a permission to plant form.

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Last update: 11/16/2011


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